Liam Healy (lhealy) wrote,
Liam Healy

I have my new OLPC XO-1 now, from the "Give one get one program". My intended use is mainly for updates from the road while on bike tours.

One thing I'd like is instant messaging. The "Chat Activity" works to other XOs but evidently not to anyone else. Pidgin and Finch have been ported, so I tried Finch, being text-based and therefore presumably simpler. It works, but unfortunately it is based on ncurses. Evidently, few if any of the curses controls work on th XO, so I can't even expand the "window" to full screen. It would be nice if there were a plain text (no pseudo-windowing, no curses, etc.) IM client, perhaps one based on libpurple?

Update: I found NAIM which is full screen and does not try to emulate windowing, but has an odd choice of colors - the typein area is white letters on a white background, which makes it hard to see.
Tags: im, olpc, pidgin

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