Liam Healy (lhealy) wrote,
Liam Healy

GMAT on Debian amd64

NASA has recently made available its General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT), a space trajectory and mission analysis system, under an open source license. The precompiled version relies on WxWidgets 2.8, which aren't yet available in Debian (though there are debs available) and is for i386. So I have tried to compile under etch/amd64 using WxWidgets 2.6. The src/README file explains very well how to set options, but not how to compile, so here's what I've figured out.

sudo aptitude install libwxgtk2.6-dev libwxbase2.6-dev wx2.6-headers
sudo aptitude install libdevil-dev libdevil1c2
In src/topLevelBuildFiles/linux/, remove local/ from the path:
WXCPPFLAGS = `/usr/bin/wx-config --cppflags`
WXLINKFLAGS = `/usr/bin/wx-config --libs --gl-libs --static=no`
Make source code changes in src/base/forcemodel/ForceModel.cpp, line 1129 add "long"
std::sprintf(sataddr, "%x", (unsigned long)sat);
Change to the src directory, and make links
ln -sf topLevelBuildFiles/linux/MakeGmat.eclipse topLevelBuildFiles/linux/ .
Then make
make -f MakeGmat.eclipse

Unfortunately, the compilation ends in error.
Tags: debian, space

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